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Full High Definition, 24” and 26” LCD monitors with integral quad display, 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution and 3Gb/s inputs

Vutrix announces the launch of the two new full HD, LCD-TFT monitors with integral quad processing, capable of receiving 3Gb/s HDSDI.  With a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels and integral quad processing these units provide the clearest, sharpest and most detailed images possible for multi-channel display applications in outside broadcast vehicles, TV studios, post production suites and other environments where quality of image is paramount.

The new monitors incorporate four independent SDI and HDSDI inputs, with internal synchronisation, allowing images to be locked to any input rate or to free-run.  Parallel processing ensures the minimum of delay for critical monitoring environments.  Each image can be independently controlled to adjust aspect ratio, size, colour settings, input format, gamma and other settings.

Under-monitor display (UMD), tally blocks and audio presence meters are also included on all channels allowing a single display to be used in place of multiple units, resulting in significant reduction in space, cost and power consumption; benefits of significant advantage to space and power-constrained installations.

The displays also feature Vutrix’s renowned colorimitry control and video processing resulting in images that are colour-accurate and with minimal motion and deinterlacing artefacts.  Network control of all settings and data input allows complete flexibility in installation and operation in all applications.

Clive Kay, Vutrix Chairman comments: “As LCD panels with true HD resolution and lower delay times become available, their use as reference monitors in the broadcast industry is becoming more common.  Our new monitors are capable of handling 3Gb/s routing that is now the standard in most new  studio and OB truck builds.  We add additional features and manage the gamma response and colour temperature so that their performance approaches that of grade 1 monitors for use in space-restricted applications such as outside broadcast vehicles and studio galleries.  The response from the broadcast industry to our displays has been phenomenal, with installations in many OB vans in Europe.  We work in conjunction with operators to ensure that our displays meet industry requirements as closely as possible.”


Two new graphics to video converters

Vutrix today announces the launch of two new broadcast-quality graphics converters for conversion of PC and other graphics onto SDI and HDSDI formats.

The new VGA to SDI Converter provides fixed format conversion of VGA (640 x 480) graphics to an SDI data stream.  It is specially suited for use with broadcast devices with local control such as the popular EVS Playout and Production Server XT[2] from EVS , where it is ideal for the conversion of the ‘console’ control screen from the usual analogue PC format to SDI for viewing on a standard broadcast monitor or through a multiviewer.

A second new device, the DVI to HDSDI Converter, is capable of receiving most DVI analogue and digital formats and converting them to an HDSDI stream at the highest level of image quality for onward broadcast or local monitoring.

Both devices were developed for application in high quality installations in outside broadcast trucks and broadcast studios, where local display of graphics streams are required.  Clive Kay, Chairman of Vutrix comments: “The VGA to SDI Converter was conceived from a need in OB trucks to display the VGA console output from an EVS server on the main gallery in OB trucks, rather than on a dedicated PC monitor, thereby saving precious space in a cramped environment.  The DVI to HDSDI Converter is a extension of this device, bringing the same high level of image quality to general display applications that is of sufficient quality for conversion of PC graphics for broadcast.”

Paul Francis, Head of VTR at CTV Outside Broadcast commented: “Vutrix monitors deliver the highest quality images for broadcast display and are ideal for OB truck installation.  The graphics converters operate at the same level of quality and deliver uncomplicated graphics conversion for in-truck monitoring and onward picture broadcast.  In particular, the VGA to SDI Converter allows us to view the control screen at the same time as the input and output streams on a single quad display.”


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