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Vutrix equips M6, France’s latest HD studio

M6, one of France’s premier broadcast stations recently completed the installation of a major new studio in central Paris, complete with a full array of Vutrix quad and multiple displays for the main monitor wall.  The station, currently holder of the record for highest audience for a single programme uses the studio daily for a range of news, topical magazine and documentary programmes and has the capability to produce up to three different productions on a single day using eight HD cameras.

M6 selected Vutrix 26” quad displays for the main monitor wall, together with 17” single and quad and 6.4” triple monitors for use in other strategic locations within the studio.  Management and setup of the displays is by means of Vutrix VuControl Management software, allowing the engineering staff to adjust and control each monitor over a network link without obstructing the production staff and enabling instant configuration and wall layout from stored memory configurations; essential to quick, seamless changeover between production crews.

Vutrix displays were selected as best-of-breed along with other prestige equipment from Probel, Snell, EVS and Avid, to create one of the most up-to-date and highest specification HD studio galleries in the world today.

Pictures of the installation can be viewed in our gallery section, along with a selection from some of our other installations.

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